Monterey County Fairgrounds

Our friends Mary and David purchased a 1991 Lazy Days RV and we booked a site at Monterey County Fairgrounds to have their first shake down trip. We arrived on Thursday, at the Fairgrounds, and we were surprised to find out that it was next to the Monterey Municipal airport and a golf course. The campsites were all on asphalt and little grass was around.  We did not see any golf balls fly by but we heard stories of rigs getting hit in the past.

Here is our spot #18.  We soon realized we were near an airport and airplanes were taking off throughout the day.  We were awaken EVERYDAY about 6:08 am of the sounds of the jets taking off in the morning.

Our neighbors were Wendy and John from Canada and were a great couple who enjoyed our enthusiasm and we enjoyed theirs.  Both of them have a wonderful open heart and great appreciation for life.   They welcomed us with open arms and consider them our new extended family. Would love to visit them in Canada,  but only in the summer time.

David and Mary arrived on Saturday in their newly acquired 1991 Lazy Daze RV.


This is a picture of the bike trails in Monterey.   Mary did not have a bike so Gianna walked to the nearby swap meet and found a perfect bike for Mary for $20.    All four of us cruised down the bike path, which was only 10 minute bike ride from the RV park to the Coastal trail.

We are enjoying the beautiful weather in Monterey,  Rode our bikes to the Old Fisherman’s Wharf

$3 margaritas !!!     2 margaritas, 2 draft beers,  $11.98 tab everyone was happy.

Back at campground, Brian and David went on quest to locate the infamous stage where Jimi Hendrix burned his guitar in 1967.




David and Mary hosted us for breakfast Sunday in their Lazy Daze RV.

David cooked an awesome breakfast.  Sausage, omelet, and spicy hash browns

On our last day we met a wonderful couple, Gary and Arlene, that recently purchased their Tiffin Pheaton 36GH which happens to be our dream machine.   They graciously invited us inside to tour their new rig.   We swapped stories and shared our appreciation for the Tiffin Pheaton and the well built coaches that they make.  With hopes that our paths will cross again.


Sharing our knowledge on how to dump the black and gray tanks, once all done, all smiles.  We look forward to spending more trips with them they are a fantastic couple with a fantastic RV.  The Lazy Daze RV, with the lounge in the back , is the most awesome 26 foot, or less, RV we have ever been in.

On our way back home, we stopped by the Moss Landing Wildlife area for lunch and enjoyed watching the birds, otters, and kayakers in the Elkhorn Slough.

Wonderful trip with wonderful people.

Things we learned

Monterey County Fairgrounds sits right at the end of an active airport and is not quiet, all day long. Be prepared to wake up by the alarming sounds of jets flying overhead. As early as 6 am.

Great location if you want to ride your bikes to Monterey.   Bring bikes for everyone in your group.  The bike trails are wonderful but they can get a bit crowded on weekends.

This is a wonderful place to meet wonderful people, including the awesome camp host Anne and her husband.

It a great location if you are attending an event nearby and we understand there is a farmers market on Mondays.

Full hook up, good WiFi and free hot showers!   $50 bucks a night and don’t forget about the $3 margaritas!

Dates visited

  • March 12-15, 2015


  1. Mary

    Awesome blog dudes! I am totally crashing your next trip.

  2. Dan

    Great site u have here……enjoyed the real-life stories and especially the pics……..if we have the opportunity to experience more “holledays”, we will get this RVing DOWN!

  3. Pele

    Thanks for telling me about your link.
    I will check it out once in a while!
    Fun to see what you are up to when you are out and about!

    Have fun Brian and Gi!
    hugs and kisses!


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