A Day in Seattle

Brian Holle and Gianna Holle and Jessica Holle at Pike Place Market

After leaving Oregon and the Deschutes River that morning, we picked up Jessica at the SeaTac airport that evening.  We’ll play tourist tomorrow in downtown Seattle and then go to Safeco Field for a Mariners game! We left the airport and headed to Bellevue where we will park the RV for the next two nights.

Trailer Inns RV Park

The Trailer Inns RV Park was the closest place near Seattle that I could find to park an RV overnight so it made a good base of operations.  We woke up early and took an Uber to downtown Seattle.

Pike Place Market, Seattle

The driver dropped us off right in front of Pike Place Market.  We were hungry for breakfast so what can be better than a couple of huge cannolis?

Brian Holle and Jessica Holle at Pike Place Market

We wandered around the market playing tourist, just checking out the vendors.  It reminded me of Lexington Market back in Baltimore when I was a kid.

Pike Place MarketIMG_7741-3 Pike Place Market

The Original Starbucks

Jess was looking forward to seeing the original Starbucks.  We had time to kill so we got in the line for the 30 minute wait to get inside.

IMG_5549-6 IMG_7757-7 Original Starbucks

We walked down to Victor Steinbrueck Park to enjoy our coffee in the warm sun.

Victor Steinbrueck Park

Pioneer Square

We headed south towards Safeco Field and wandered into old Seattle’s Pioneer Square.  This is a beautiful part of town with old buildings and a sense of ‘take it easy’.

Pioneer Park Seattle

Gianna saw a sign for an underground tour and so we picked up some tickets

The Underground Tour

The walking tour visits four locations within a couple of blocks within Pioneer Square.  You enter the old buildings through locked doors and descend rickety staircases to the level below the street.

Seattle Underground Tour

The story goes that Seattle was built on low ground, which caused constant flooding in the early days.  When Seattle burned down in 1889, the town decided to rebuild the buildings and the politicians also decided it would be a great time to raise the elevation of the city by 10 feet.  The problem is that the merchants didn’t want to wait the 5 years for the city to raise the elevation, so they devised a plan.  The town built the new stone buildings at the current elevation and the city will later raise the streets by 10 feet and cover the existing sidewalks with new sidewalks.  This left the first story of every building abandoned underground.

In the picture below, the people are walking on the old sidewalk.  On the right are the first floor windows of a building and on the left is the 10 foot wall that was filled to elevate the street (the top of the wall is the current curb).

Seattle Underground Tour

After the tour we headed south again and ran into this cool bar in an alley. I had to stop for a beer.

IMG_7781-13 Brian Holle and Jessica Holle at Casco Antiguo in Seattle

Safeco Field

After walking all day, we finally made it to Safeco Field to watch the Mariners play the Red Sox.

Gianna Holle at Safeco Field

Safeco Field seemed much more high tech than AT&T Park in San Francisco.  The gigantic screen in the outfield and the out of town scoreboards were packed with statistics.  Very nice. They also had great, first come, first served counter seats to watch the game from.

Gianna Holle and Jessica Holle at Safeco Field

We had great seats and enjoyed watching the Mariners beat the Red Sox

Gianna Holle and Jessica Holle at Safeco Field

After the game was over, we took an Uber back to the RV.  What a great day!  Tomorrow we are heading up to La Connor to driveway surf at my Mom’s house for 3 nights.   Can’t wait!

What we learned:

  • Uber is a fantastic way to quickly get into and out of Seattle.
  • Two days in Seattle was too short.  We could have stayed a couple of more days.
  • Don’t buy oysters at tourist spots!
  • August was a perfect time to visit Seattle.  The weather was absolutely perfect!

Date Visited

August 3, 2016

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